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07 March 0

1st Tip: Learn how the evaluators define their final grade in the writing of the university

Each of the 5 competencies receives a grade ranging from zero to 200. Then, the evaluators add the marks of all the competences, assigning a final value for their writing, which can vary between zero and 1000.

Although it is not difficult to support the writing of the university, few candidates get this done because they do not know the criteria charged or do not know how to meet each requirement. So there is another tip:

2nd Tip: Find out how to stand out

How do the candidates do in the 5 competencies?

On average, skills from 1 to 4 usually have scores between 100 and 120 (that is, somewhere between 50-60% of the maximum score), and competence 5 usually takes notes around 33% of the maximum score. Considering that the evaluation of the university is not very careful, it is possible to stand out a lot from the average if you know the right way to go.

Bonus Tip: Cite an Authority Phrase

A sensational tip for you to raise the note of your text a lot is to quote a phrase from a writer, poet, psychoanalyst, scientist, etc. For example, you could write something like this in your essay:

Rousseau once said that “nature made man happy and good, but society deprives him and makes him miserable.” This reflection reveals that political systems need to work for peace because we are naturally bound to compete against each other.

Note that in this example we quote a phrase by Jean Jacques Rousseau to strengthen our argument. But the phrase was not put in the text loosely; she is explaining a thought, contextualizing correctly. This detail of quoting a phrase shows that you have knowledge and use other spheres of knowledge to write your essay. This is precisely what competence 2 asks of the candidates. As the phrase has been contextualized correctly, being explained, this tactic also guarantees a high score in competence 3. It is a simple but extremely efficient tip to make your note on university increase. Remember that university evaluators want to see certain features in your essay, you need to know what features and details are those!

Another bonus tip: present at least two solutions at completion

At the conclusion of the writing of the university, you need to present solutions to the problem, this is a requirement given by the competence. But do not worry, it is not necessary to present a complex and elaborate solution, just say something simple like: “The government needs working to improve this situation, creating laws and providing subsidies … “, or” The population needs to engage more in social projects such as NGOs, among others, to eradicate this problem … “, or:” It takes more investment in education so that the people are more aware of this issue … “, etc. You can cite the government, social organizations, school, family education, among other mechanisms as solutions to the problem presented in the writing proposal. List at least two solutions in your conclusion, and thus you will have guaranteed maximum score in competence 5. But pay close attention to one detail:

Never present objectionable solutions from the moral point of view

Never, under any circumstances, write such things as “these thugs must die,” or “criminals must suffer in the same way that they have made others suffer,” or “the death penalty can be a solution,” etc. Any concept that involves moral, ethical, and religious matters needs to be left out of your text. Be completely impartial in this regard and fit within the current legislation on these moral issues, without ideologies of any kind. A slip in this detail can make you get zero grade in the essay! That’s right, a lot of people knew how to make a good essay and wrote good texts, but they ended up taking a zero score just because they wrote some ideology like the ones we mentioned above. It’s no use learning how to write an essay for university if you do not know what ideologies, religious or moral issues can not be mentioned in your text. Do not make that mistake too!

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