Correction of essay – The best decision

19 June 0

If you are looking for a writing correction service, know that you are making a great decision for your learning, but you have to consider some important things before.

First, what is your goal? Is learning to write essays or check if you’re already writing well?

If you already know how to write essays, have studied hard, practiced, it is really time to submit your texts to brokers. They will evaluate your text and, from this evaluation, you will discover your level.

But if you’re still not sure you’re a good writer and are looking for a tutoring service so teachers can help you write better, the best way is not to go out and submit your essays for correction. Let me explain why:

Cost: It is much more expensive to take private lessons or ask for corrections / revisions of texts than to take a writing course. If the goal is to learn to write, the most appropriate (best cost-benefit ratio) is to first learn everything a copywriter needs to get the maximum mark, errors that you can not commit, etc.

After that, with the knowledge already absorbed, it is time to practice and be evaluated. This is the most efficient and economical way to learn to write well. If you want to learn by sending your texts, without having a good base, your essays will have many errors.

Learning from mistakes is a great way to evolve, but when there are many mistakes, this method gets hampered.

Another detail is that:

Making a good essay does not mean “do not miss.” There are many criteria and evaluation factors that you will only learn by studying in some course. A copywriting broker will not say what you lacked for you to jot the text, it will only correct the defects and give a final note.

It may happen that you have made a few mistakes and taken a medium note, so you will be thinking, “Well, life, if I had not committed these two mistakes, would you have complied with the essay? Why was not my grade very good? ” Maybe something else is missing: critical, autonomous, stylistic, but the broker will not say or write you the phrases that would make you take maximum note.

That is, it is not possible to learn everything about writing only by sending texts to be corrected. You must first have a good base on the subject, knowledge about everything that is necessary to take maximum note, and then yes send the text to confirm if you are on the right track.

But how do you learn these basics?

Our writing book was created just for this. Hundreds of students have already benefited and improved their performance with this material. Click here to know all the details about the handout.

If you already have a good base, or are already studying for the book, we recommend that you send texts to be corrected, because this is the time, it is the wisest way to work.

But send to where?

An excellent online writing correction service is the writing workshop. On this site, the correction is very detailed. This is key to learning. It’s no use buying cheap essay correction packages if the review is not detailed. You will end up wasting time and money.

This site corrects essays for vestibular, Enem and public contests, just send your essay and specify what your goal. You can choose to submit 1 essay, 3 essays or other package options.

Once you submit your text and receive the detailed correction, it’s time to study calmly and learn from the mistakes. Compare the correction with your prior knowledge, understand where your weaknesses lie, write down and practice again.

Every essay you send needs to be better than the one before. That way, with few text submissions, you’ll be ready to launch in any selection process!

Do not leave for later, practice now. Writing is always one of the main tests, the one that defines the classification and approval of most candidates. Get out in the front!

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